What is ESPN Streak

ESPN Streak is a fantasy game run by ESPN. The objective of the game is to build as long of a streak as possible. On most days there are 15-25 match-ups for competitors to choose from. Depending on the amount of sports that are in season there might be significantly more match-ups posted in a given day. Players are only allowed to pick at a time until that pick is completed. Once that pick is completed that player is able to make another pick. In most days there are between 6-8 pick opportunities per day. There are several objectives & distinctly different strategies to playing the ESPN Streak fantasy game that are as follows:

Longest Streak: Someone playing streak for in an effort to get longest streak in a month will likely only make 1 or 2 picks per day. There are some days that a player playing for longest streak will not make any picks in a particular day. A longest streak player spends time looking at odds, lines, and match-up previews & predictions in search of the best match-up or two in a given day. If the match-ups are not to liking of that player for a given day, this type of player will simply not pick anything in a given day and what for a day with better match-ups. Therefore playing for longest streak requires a significant amount of patience in order to build a long streak that spans the majority of a month. The prize for winning the longest streak in a month is the biggest offered in the Streak game at $25,000.

Monthly Most Wins: Someone playing streak for Monthly Most Wins goes about the game in a slightly different way. The goal of a most wins player is to have as many pick opportunities as possible in a given day. Since I started playing streak, I have been a monthly player. Monthly pickers structure their days pick plan around picks that will finish as quickly as possible. Since a monthly picker is wanting to get as many picks made as possible they are not concerned with picking the match-up that is most likely to be correct but rather something that gets done timely so they can move on to the next pick opportunity. Another strategy behind monthly picking is strategic use of the forfeit button that streak offers. The forfeit button charges a player with an automatic loss regardless of how the match-up ends but it allows a picker to move to another pick. Since the monthly pickers goal is to get as many correct picks as possible in a month there are situations when using the forfeit button is the right move for a monthly player. The prize for winning the monthly most wins on Streak is $5,000.

Beat The Expert: This contest was recently added to the Streak game. Each month, ESPN will designate a personality who appears on one of their shows. The expert plays the game just as everyone else does with the goal of trying to build as long of streak as possible over the month. All competitors who have a longer streak then the expert are entered into a drawing. Of those entered in the drawing, five names are drawn with each of those five players winning $1,000.

Stunt Days: Periodically throughout the year, ESPN will designate a particular day as a stunt day. On stunt days the picks consist of many short pick opportunities that take far less time then picks on a regular day. On a stunt day there will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 pick windows possible. The longest streak a competitor builds on a stunt day win $10,000. All picks made during stunt days also count toward the monthly as well as longest streak contests in a month. In the past some past stunt days have been Christmas Day, first day of the NFL season, Tip-off marathon, first day of the Masters, first day of the NCAA tournament, among other dates that ESPN can announce.