4:40 pm
August 13

Astros @ White Sox: Innings 1-2

How many STRIKEOUTS will be recorded during Innings 1-2?

3 or Fewer

4 or More


• This pitching match-up will be the pitching match-up that was supposed to be prior to Monday’s rain out.

• Cease has never faced anyone on the Astros roster. He has 33 strikeouts in 33 innings pitched on the season.

• Greinke has 14 strikeouts in 54 previous at bats on current members of the White Sox roster. On the season, Greinke has 137 strikeouts in 152 innings pitched. He had 2 strikeouts in 6 innings in his first start with the Astros.

StreakSmarter Pick
4 or More