Streak FT Cash (7 Day Challenge)

Streak FT Cash (7 Day Challenge)

This page is based off the website Streak for the Cash  – You can make your own entry for free at their website.

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7 Day Challenge

Date: April 23rd, 2024

For the 7 Day Challenge you bet whatever is in your balance. There is NO LIMIT!

If your balance is at $0.00, it will be automatically replenished back to $0.05 within 5 minutes, provided all pending picks have been graded.

Note: All pending picks must be graded & your balance must be at $0.00.

You can make as many picks as your balance allows you to. That may be 1 or 500 it all depends on how you use your balance.

Current 7 Day Challenge Pick: Thunder, Oilers, Stars all win.