12:10 am
November 6

UFC 268 (Welterweight Title Fight): (C) Usman v. #1 Covington

Who will WIN this FIGHT?

(C) Kamaru Usman (NGR)

#1 Colby Covington (USA)


Current odds:

Kamaru Usman: (-334)

Colby Covington: (+250)


Not only is Usman bigger and stronger, but he’s also the more dominating wrestler and the more technical striker. Covington is a remarkably consistent volume puncher—something he used to wobble Usman several times in their last bout. But, he’s never been a real knockout threat, even when he can dominate standing.

Usman actually even lands in slightly more volume than Covington, and he does it with much more accuracy. As with their first fight, if Covington plans on going and putting a pace on Usman, he’s going to find himself doing more work to less success. And even if it’s only barely less, that’s still a path just to competing in each round, and not to winning them.

StreakSmarter Pick
(C) Kamaru Usman (NGR)