10:00 pm
June 15

Bucks @ Nets: 2H

Will Giannis Antetokounmpo MAKE a 3-POINTER in the 2nd Half? (No OT)

Yes: Giannis makes a 3-pointer in 2nd Half

No: Giannis doesn’t make a 3-pointer in 2nd Half


• Pick will be made at halftime.

• In the 68 games Giannis played this season, NO would have won this prop 36 times (52.9%).

• Giannis is shooting 0.3/2.3 (3ptM/3ptAtt) in the 2nd half of playoff games this season.

• He shot 0.7/2.1 (3ptM/3ptAtt) in the 2nd half during the regular season.

• Yes wins 2/4 games in this series (G1 & G3)

•  Giannis is 1-2 on 3-pointers in the 1st half

StreakSmarter Pick
No: Giannis doesn't make a 3-pointer in 2nd Half