[7:03 PM] #10 Arizona v. #12 Michigan State: 1H

How many POINTS will the LEADING SCORER have at HALFTIME?

12 Points or Fewer

13 Points or More


This is the first game of the season for both teams. Both of these teams will be breaking in a large number of new players as each lost several to either graduation or the NBA. 12 points or Fewer is going to be the pick here since it is the first game and you could have some first game jitters in play here and 13 points is a lot for a single player to have in a 20 minute half. You figure both coaches will be looking at different combinations of players. Also foul problems could lower players minutes. 12 points or fewer for the green here.


StreakSmarts Pick: 12 Points or Fewer

Confidence: 5/10

StreakSmarter Pick